INNOTECS stands for :

INterNational Organisation of TEChnical Schools

The organisation was founded in 2014 with subsidies from Erasmus+.


Project partners :

The 8 Founding Partners come from 6 different European countries. You can contact Your country's contact person by clicking the right link:


The intended network is primary accessible for all levels of employees of technical schools, but there will be a primary focus on 2 target groups:  Directors and managers of  VET-schools . To stay connected to the needs of the industry, decisionmakers of Technical companies will be involved in a specific way in the project (but will not be member of the network).The partners of this project recognize this shortcoming and have decided to apply for this project which aims to have, in two years time, an active network called ""Innotecs"" (international network of technical schools). At the end of the project Innotecs exists of at least 24 Technical (VET-) schools in at least 10 countries (inaugural meeting 2015). The projectpartners have a linking pin with networks such as Efvet ( , PRAXIS ( and EUHOFA ( These initiatives already have much experience in building and maintaining International networks.


Associated Partners




Czech Republic


















The Netherlands



  • Instytut Wspierania i Rozwoju Biznesu











The United Kingdom



Network partners

  • Praxis. Praxis is the European Centre for Project/Internship Excellence
    • Praxis is the European Centre for Project/Internship Excellence. This Centre for Excellence was created and is being run by the Praxis network, a consortium of higher education institutions, companies, associations, research labs and chambers of commerce, all committed to enhance your Project/Internship experience and to promote innovation in the field.

      Any one may benefit from the European Centre for Project/Internship Excellence at any time through the online portal at

      But you can also do much more. You can participate in the Praxis network as an Associated Partner to have a more active role in the growth of the European Centre for Project/Internship Excellence.