Conference 2018 – Como, Italy


The INNOTECS conference 2018 had 59 delegates from different countries - The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Basque Country, Spain, France, Germany, Finland, Denmark and from the USA (Wisconsin).

The conference offered a platform for sharing “inspiring practices” and to network with each other to find partners for upcoming international projects.

Below you can find some photos from the conference as well as the agenda. You have the possibility to download presentations (Files 1-9).



Monday 22th October

19.00: Welcome drink with friends, Ristorante Teatro
Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, 11, 22010 Como CO, Italy

Tuesday 23th October

Location: ITIS Magistri Cumacini via Colombo loc. Lazzago 22100 COMO -  + Cantu (by bus)

9:00: General Assembly (for Innotecs-members only)

09:45: Welcome: Enrico Tedoldi, (Headmaster and vice Principal of Magistri Cumacini )

10.00 Key note: Federico Fubini (vice director of Corriere della Sera) – (PDF icon File 5

Theme : Technical needs of the industry and VET in the media.

10:30–11.30: Good examples from last year

The member show the results from their pitches from last year

  1. Garage 4.0 Euregional studyvisit Belgium/Germany/Netherlands, (Henk Terstege, Techniekcollege Zuid Limburg / The Netherlands)
  2. Some Erasmus+ projects (network for traineeships) (Patrizia Carfagna, IIS Brunelleschi Da Vinci / Italy), - (File File 6)
  3. House of Energy transition, (Jan Lokker and Maria Witteveen , Da Vincicollege / The Netherlands) – (File File 4- )
  4. Tutorial videos to inform pupils about technical professions/jobs, (Nuno Escudeiro, ISEP IPP / Portugal)
  5. Finding partners for 3 weeks-students experience in Metal work, (Carole Baudemont, CFAI de l'Eure / France)
  6. WATTINSTEaM, (Mirjam Hensels/ Manfred Polzin, MBO Raad) / The Netherlands)



11.30: About working together in future projects: New proposals /invitations; pitches

  1. Finding partners for new Projects, (Carole Baudemont, CFAI de l'Eure / France)
  2. Erasmus project: (Dirk Verbeek and Sander de Groot, Markiezaat / the Netherlands) – (File File 3)
  3. Erasmus mobility - tech , business , EUX and EUD students, (Lone Ørsted, Learnmark / Denmark)
  4. Expectations of cooperation and areas of interest, (Juan Carlos Pérez González, IES DE TEIS / Spain) – (File File 2)
  5. Fablabs, (Tinus vd Pas, Summa college / The Netherlands) – (File File 7)
  6. Project work by teams of VET and HE students. Former experience with MUTW and Blended-AIM (Nuno Escudeiro, ISEP / Portugal)
  7. International Project, (Durk van Wieren, Aventus / The Netherlands)
  8. Looking for partners in technical area , (Annette Ruelius Mangold, BBS Soltau / Germany)
  9. TECH @ DOPTION builds bridges between care and technology,  (use translater), (Johan Nijenhuis, ROC Nijmegen / The Netherlands)
  10. We want to join future projects. We have experience in Welding, Based Learning (Joseba Ramos, Goierriko Herruen Ekintza / Spain)

13.00: Talking in smaller groups with the partners on the presented pitches
13.30: Lunch and networking

14.30: Departure by bus to BLM GROUP in Cantù
15.15-17.15: Company visit BLM GROUP in Cantù

For over 60 years they have been making state-of-the-art systems for processing tubes. Their strength: laser cutting, bending, saw cutting and end-forming.

17.30-18.00: Departure by bus to Como

18.00-20.00: Visit to Como City Center (guided walking tour by teachers of the school)
20.00 Dinner and networking

Location : Restaurant Teatro, Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, 11, 22010 Como CO, Italy


Wednesday 24th October

Location ITIS Magistri Cumacini via Colombo loc. Lazzago 22100 COMO


09.00: School visit ITIS Magistri Cumacini

09.45: General Assembly part 2, Results of the election for boardmembers + appointment (Anabel Menica chairman of the election committee)

10.00: Graziano Pagani (Responsabile dell'Area Education di Unindustria Como), Stefano Mariani ( Dirigente Ente di Formazione - Esperto in processi formative Uninidustria)

10.30: Emanuela Longoni (Responsible for internship activities at USR Lombardia), "The experience of the industrialists of the province of Como and relations with schools" – (Office presentation icon File 8)


11.15: Round tables on technical education

Round 1

1.1 Results of the INNMAIN network  (Wim Appels, roc west Brabant / the Netherlands)

1.2 International internships (Nuno Escudeiro, ISEP / Portugal), – (File File 1
International multidisciplinary teams of students from HE and VET working together to solve a challenge from a company.

1.2 Industry 4.0. an opportunity to collaborate with Higher Education and Companies: (Xavier Lopez, Egibide / Spain)

1.3 Schoolwork in China, (Patricia Carfagna, IIS Brunelleschi Davinci / Italy)

1.5 Girlstec : (Mirjam Hensels, MBO Raad / The Netherlands) – (File File 9)


Round 2

2.1 Online tool for study progress. The student is in charge of his/her own learning progress, (Dirk Verbeek / Sander de Groot, ROC West Brabant)

2.2 Useful teaching material in electricity (safety) and electronics (Arduino), (Anabel Menica, Txorrieri / Spain)

2.3 Ecwork- ECVET for work-based learning, (Manuela Guimarães, Sara Cruz, Forave / Portugal)

2.4 Welding simulation based learning, (Joseba Ramos, Goierriko Herrien Ekintza / Spain)

2.5 Intercultural competence in VET for wood, metal and vehicle technology, (Durk van Wieren, Aventus / The Netherlands)

12.30-13.30: Lunch and networking
13.30: Closing the conference
- Bus to Como Sheraton or Como Center