Edunet Meeting in "F. Brunelleschi-L. Da Vinci "of Frosinone

On Monday, February 9 at 11:00 am, at the Hall of the Institute of Higher Education "F. Brunelleschi-L. Da Vinci "of Frosinone took place an important conference entitled" “Edunet  project: as the network changes the teaching"

  The conference was an opportunity to inaugurate the connection to the ultra-wideband GARR whose service is provided by the University of Cassino. The main host was the Rector of the University that illustrated the project .

Speakers included distinguished guests: the Prefect, the President of the Province, the Mayor, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, the President of Certified Public Accountants, the President of the Engineers and the headmistress of the institute.

The highlight of the event was the videoconference link with the European partners of INNOTECS  PROJECT (INternational Network Of TEChnical  Schools):

LANDSTEDE, Netherlands (the leader); MBO Raad Netherlands; POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE DO PORTO, Portugal; POLITEKNIKA IKASTEGIA txorierri Spain; SATAEDU Finland; FORAVE Portugal; TRADIUM Denmark; and the company: RESTORATION DIRECTORATE, Malta.

The ultra- wideband        will allow the schools to feel closer to all European partners by improving communication and the organization of new and exciting projects, expanding the European dimension in education.                   

Here some pictures, some newspaper articles and the brochure of the event.