Innotecs-conference in Valencia

After the final Erasmus+ project meeting we arranged a conference to all associated Innotecs partners.

After setting up the theme, we had a chance to hear the key note speaker Javier Lopez Mora.

The main part of the conference was to bring together our partrners, and to talk about the future. For that we used World Cafe- methodology, which was successful.

Here are the results from all World Cafe-tables:

PDF icon Worldcafe Valencia


Company visit in Valencia 

We also had a chance to make a company visit to Faurecia , where we had nice opportunity to become acquainted with a very high quality major player in the global automotive industry. 

Here are some pictures of our visit:


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Dear INNOTECS members and friends,

Please make a reservation for the scheduled online meeting already, since our Fifth annual conference will be an Online version.

Although we hoped to meet you all somewhere in Europe, we are sure that you understand that we want to avoid all risks for you and your colleagues.

Covid-19 has implications for the program of our conference, but will not influence our friendship and our intentions to work together in projects, exchanges and sharing information. Therefore we continue with a shorter version of our annual conference in October and we also organise some interesting online thematical meetings during the year. You will find out more information in separate emails.

Please find the concept program below (more details and registration possibilities will follow later)

Concept : Program Monday 19th October

10.00-10.30 General Assembly 1. Welcome and opening of the general assembly (Mirjam van den Broek) 2. Minutes from the General Assembly in Porto 2019 + results of evaluation (Mirjam van den Broek)

3. Report from the secretary general (Anne B. Mortensen) 4. Report from the treasurer (Remco Koerts)

5. PR Plan (Manuela Guimaraes)

10.30 – 10.45 Short break

10.45 - 11.15 Looking back to the results of the pitches from last year

We ask all presenters from last year to answer some prepared questions before the meeting, and the answers will be send out with the final agenda. We will choose one result to be presented at the meeting.

11.15-12.15 Plans for future cooperation

We ask all members to define their suggestions/plans and needs for new Erasmus project proposals and/or cooperation. The answers will be send out with the final agenda. The specific project ideas can present their plan more in detail in the meeting.

12.15 - 12.30 Wrap up and Closing the meeting