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Innotecs is now an official association

Just around New Year the Secretary general and the Trasurer of INNOTECS gathered for visiting the notarys office in The Hague. The statutes of the official association INNOTECS were to be signed. “As an International network we very much need to take the next step and become a legal entity and establish our network as an official association” says Marko Kemppinen, Chairman of the board.

INNOTECS started as a project supported by Erasmus+ funding, and after the project period ended, the network had grown strong enough to continue as an independent organization. At the annual conference in October 2017 it was agreed at the General Assembly that INNOTECS should become a legal organization in 2018 and give the members a vote during the annual meetings. This is now possible within the association of INNOTECS.

Marko Kemppinen points out, that the members are in control of an association. An association consists of a board and of members, and the most important voice within an association is the General Assembly. The board members execute the policy established at the General Assembly, and organizing an annual General Assembly is an obligation of the board.

Upcoming issues for INNOTECS will be selection of a new board, and establishing some “house rules” to ensure an efficient operation of the association between the annual general meetings.

Read the statutes of INNOTECS PDF icon Statutes INNOTECS English final version


Mirjam Hensels, Secretary General (left) and Wilma Verhoeks, Treasurer are signing the statutes of INNOTECS at the notary’s office.

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