Making of the INNOTECS wall signs

On 19 May 2021 Danique Jacobs proudly handed the product of her final internship assignment to the chairman of the INNOTECS board. The wall plaque is the result of an assignment from the board to provide the members something tangible, with which they can make their membership visible. 

The request for the development of a plaque has been raised with the INNOTECS members in order to give students the opportunity to work on real practical assignments. Eventually, VISTA college which situated in Sittard (The Netherlands) was able to accept the assignment to do in-house from design to production. 

Through the internship coordinator, Bram Dirks, Danique was assigned to do this assignment during her internship. This was a unique assignment for Danique. It was difficult for her to intern at an external company due to her physical health. The internship took place within VISTA college's training company. Danique is a level 4 student of the sign study programme. Next to the substantive specialisation (knowledge about machines and materials), entrepreneurship is also a part of the study. The assignment was not simple, because the product had to be made from scratch. The wish was to develop a plaque based on the logo of INNOTECS that could be attached to a wall outdoors. 

Danique started instructing a level 3 student (allround signmaker). She made two designs that were submitted to the INNOTECS' board. After the design was chosen, the choice of materials and the production process followed, where she ensured that each plaque was printed with the UV printer piece by piece. It was interesting that during the process, plexiglass’ prices increased due to the rising demand from companies that were purchasing plexiwalls to protect against COVID. Nevertheless, a material was found within the budget that was thick enough, weather-resilient, yet showed quality. Because of this, Danique has learned to negotiate with suppliers, to make a calculation and to improve her administrative skills. 

Bram Dirks, who supervised her during the assignment, indicates that Danique always sets the bar very high which is reflected in the end result. Danique hopes to graduate in June and has already been offered a job at a former internship company, where she stood out ad a top student. The greatest satisfaction Danique gets from her work is when she sees her products in use by the client. Hopefully, INNOTECS members will post pictures on social media that show the place where they will hang their plague, so that Danique can follow this last chapter throughout Europe.