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Kuressaare Vocational School with its partners from Italy, the Netherlands, Finland and Spain has completed their Erasmus + KA2 cooperation project „From a Rookie to an Expert, which aimed to create an internationalization career model that supports the development of internationalization competencies of vocational school staff and thus contributes to implementation of the school's internationalization strategy.

The training model has 3 levels and covers more or less all different type of activities which you can face in internationalization. There are 6 modules which help you to get aquinted to internationalization work. Each modul is ending with the possibility to gain open badge.

To be more specific for example this training material gives you guidlines how to organize student/staff mobilities or how to write School internationalization strategy. And of course much more…

You can find the Training Materials: Training From a rookie to an expert - Luovi Vocational College

You can also read REX VET blog:

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EMEU        Engineering Mobility in Europe  (

MOVET      Modules for Vocational Education and Training for competences in Europe (

EUCVET     (European Class inVocational Education and Training): (

Engine4F    (Engineer for the Future): (

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