Webinar WaTT in STEaM Tuesday 15th September 2020 from 14:30-16:30h

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We would like to invite you to the webinar “How to involve more women in STEM subjects (in companies)?”

The webinar will take place online on September 15th   from 14.30h – 16.30h.


The webinar is an initiative of the Erasmus project WaTT in STEaM with INNOTECS project partners (see Annex). We will present you two great speakers from Iceland.

They will give their view on how to involve more women in STEM areas.



“How to involve more women in STEM subjects (in companies)?” Online on September 15th - 14.30h – 16.30

14.30 Introduction by Manfred Polzin, project leader WaTT in STEaM. 14.45 Women in technical professions, an industry view.

How to involve more women in STEM subjects in companies?

Have you ever questioned yourself how an average working day in the industry runs out or what skills require teaching to face the current challenges of an executive technical department?

Have you ever asked yourself what the situation for women in a global company currently looks like and what is being done about it?

Have you ever asked yourself what you can do to support the progress of women or support yourself as a woman facing unique challenges in the world?

Mrs Sigurlin Atladottir heads the Maintenance and Calibration department at the Roche pharmaceutical production in Mannheim and will share her experiences as a woman and trainer in a male dominated technical field, the current environment for women at Roche and the actions that Roche is taking to change the situation.

15.15 Questions and discussion
15.30 Gender Detectives in a World of Denial

Presentation by Margrét Pála Ólafsdóttir, Entrepreneur in education and founder of the Hjalli Model

Gender is the first tool that babies use to understand and make sense of the chaos of life; they start as early as few months old to categorize and put people and things into two boxes; male and female. Other categories as age, race, look and appearance are not important at that time; they do not even understand the meaning of these factors. At the age of two years old they have formed their gender image; what it means to be a boy or a girl when it comes to behaviour, games and toys, clothes etc. and they act as gender detectives as they hold themselves and others accountable for fulfilling the “correct” roles. During the first years in



children ́s education, nurseries and schools fail to address the role of gender. There is a tendency to view children as simply children and deny how real experiences afforded to girls and boys is known to affect gender differentiation both directly, by providing differential skill practice and reinforcement and indirectly, by providing input that leads children to actively socialize themselves along gender-differentiated pathways.

So – how are we going to accept the important role of gender in children ́s lives and how are we going to give them rich experiences regardless of their sex? The Hjalli-Model is an award winning Icelandic educational approach that has been dealing with these questions and more in an unconventional and radical way for the last thirty years.

Questions and discussion

End of the webinar


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