Thessaloniki Innotecs seminar

Before the EfVET2017-conference in Thessaloniki, Innotecs members gathered to attend Innotecs seminar at MET hotel on Wednesday 25th of November.

Innotecs very first General Assembly addressed the history of Innotecs, report from the Treasures and the proposal of official status of Innotecs after first of January 2018.





After our General Assembly,  representative of IEK Delta Studies Thessaloniki gave us a short introduction of her school, which we visited after the seminar.


Professor Giorgos M. Papadourakis from Technological Educational Institute of Crete, presented an

I N V I T A T I O N to Third annual INNOTECS conference

Third annual conference
25 October 2017 in Thessaloniki
“Inspiring Practices”
Join us on the 25th October 2017, 8.45 AM – 6:00 PM, at the MET Hotel for the conference.
At INNOTECS 2017 Conference we will work together on the Theme: Inspiring Practices.
We will show you good examples and give you the possibility to pitch new project ideas,
to find partners or to take the stage to invite partners to exchange staff, students with your school.
If you want to pitch an idea you can let us know by mail or mention it in the link
Costs :
☞ 75 € per person for delegates from member schools

Innotecs-conference in Valencia

After the final Erasmus+ project meeting we arranged a conference to all associated Innotecs partners.

After setting up the theme, we had a chance to hear the key note speaker Javier Lopez Mora.

The main part of the conference was to bring together our partrners, and to talk about the future. For that we used World Cafe- methodology, which was successful.

Here are the results from all World Cafe-tables:

PDF icon Worldcafe Valencia


Company visit in Valencia 

We also had a chance to make a company visit to Faurecia , where we had nice opportunity to become acquainted with a very high

INNOTECS presented in project fair in the Basque Country

Last Wednesday 9th, HETEL, an association of 21 VET centers in the Basque Country, held their second Project Innovation Fair.  INNOTECs project was presented there to more than 65 participants from twelve different schools.

Anabel Menica ran a round table where the participants had the opportunity to receive direct information about the project and our aims.  They wanted to have all the details: number of VET schools involved, countries, companies, …  The participants were promised they would keep updated and would get all the necessary information to join the partnership.

Innotecs logo designers are awarded

Richard van der Molen, director of Landstede in the Netherlands, presents the Logo award to his students Nanouk and Tosca.
These two students competed with students from Finland, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Denmark for the honor of designing the logo for INNOTECS.
The logo and colors will be used in all expressions and marketing communications of this International Network of Technical Schools.

Edunet Meeting in "F. Brunelleschi-L. Da Vinci "of Frosinone

On Monday, February 9 at 11:00 am, at the Hall of the Institute of Higher Education "F. Brunelleschi-L. Da Vinci "of Frosinone took place an important conference entitled" “Edunet  project: as the network changes the teaching"

  The conference was an opportunity to inaugurate the connection to the ultra-wideband GARR whose service is provided by the University of Cassino. The main host was the Rector of the University that illustrated the project .

Speakers included distinguished guests: the Prefect, the President of the Province, the Mayor, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, the