Terms and Conditions

Here you can find more details about our terms and conditions.

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After registration you agree to:

My institute supports the network INNOTECS as a member and will pay the entrance- and annual membershipfee after receiving the initial invoice. The website of my organization will be mentioned on the website of INNOTECS.

Definitions Board members Group of members who are responsible for the continuity of the network.

Members All schools who sign in as a member in the INNOTECS network.

Technical education / studies Studies in the field of engineering, building construction, carpentry, mechanics, metal work, electricity, energy, chemical and process, wood working, graphics, design, ICT, computing, and other fields of applied science and modern technology. Membership of the INNOTECS network is accessible for: Any public, semi-public or private school at VET-level or higher education-level. The school offers a variety of programs in technical studies. Membership implies that the institution is represented by the principal or by a member of the board or director of the department of technical studies. There is no limit on the amount of members / schools per country.

INNOTECS offers a platform for: Sharing information concerning Technical education in general. Addressing common future needs in education in Europe. The technical industry and stakeholders to find and meet European schools. Initiating new activities between members (students, teachers & management). The platform will be supported by a website and annual conferences. Each member will be enabled to put their website link at the INNOTECS website. Once a school is a member, more email addresses can be added from managers and teachers of the school to stay informed about news items.

Focus of board members: The president: presides over the network, the general assembly and the board debates. The vice president :during the president’s absence or incapacity this role will be assumed by the vice-president. The secretary general is responsible for the administration of the network. The treasurer is responsible for the finances of the network.

All board members: Put effort in enlarging and representing the network. Organise annual conferences concerning technical education. Keep the website up to date.

Focus of members Represent their institution at annual conferences and the general assembly. Have one vote per organisation at the general assembly. Active participation in the network by taking part in discussions and future projects. Willing to participate in international projects concerning technical education. Willing to recruit project partners preferably amongst INNOTECS members. Share information about internships, study visits or exchanging (for teachers and students) and study programmes in technical industries. Willing to be a point of contact for INNOTECS members organising internships or exchanges for teachers and students. Interested in participating and/or offering study programmes in technical industries for INNOTECS members. Finding new members.

Approval membership INNOTECS Applicants will be approved by the board of INNOTECS.

End of membership Resignation by a letter to the secretary general before July 1st of the next academic year. Termination or bankruptcy of the school. Following a period of non-payment of 2 years.